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We are proud to launch I Love Certified Organic Australia, an online community licensing the use of the Trade Marks "I Love Certified Organic Australia" and " I Love Certified Naturally Grown" for products which have been certified. We aim to create awareness helping consumers to make a better choice to buy Certified Organic / Naturally Grown products whilst making it more affordable for producers to display on their products.

With growing concern amongst consumers, producers and distributors about health effects of pesticides of non organic products and how to visibly distinguish between Certified Organic and regular products.

In Australia the word ‘organic’ is open for a lot of misuse in the domestic market, but heavily regulated by the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) when produce is exported. Therefor we created a stiking logo, that is bold and provides an easily identifiable form of visual recognition that is a powerful advertising and marketing tool for all the true Organic / Naturally Grown products out there.

It is important for every consumer to know exactly the type of products they are purchasing, and the makeup of the food they eat.

We believe in making it very easy, simple and clear for consumers to quickly identify Certified products, and also identify producers who support the Organic system. As well as ulitmately empowering the producer to display this through much more affordable means.

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