We Loved the Great Local Lunch!

We had such a fantastic time at the 'Great Local Lunch' part of the sustainable living festival over the weekend. It was such a beautiful event and an honour to take part in and enjoy all the wonderful local produce. Everything tasted absolutely amazing. Thanks to celebrity chef's expertise in turning all the naturally grown produce into an art form to tantalise our tastebuds!

The atmosphere was such a buzz with a great bunch of locals who all share the same passion. We were thrilled to be able to connect with lovely local producers who were the source of all our food! Thanks to the loveable Costa Georgiadis we were not only informed but also entertained! He reminded us all again that it's not about how perfect a mass produced altered vegetable or fruit looks but whatever nature presents to us be it big / small / odd shaped, but moreover natural and beautiful!

This 'Real Food' feast wonderfully brought together the people and produce from local farms and Melbourne backyards to inspire us all. The next step is to help celebrate and inspire more of these local farmers and backyard growers by supporting and promoting them to every consumer out there! We can easily send a shout out to all with the help of our 'I love Certified Naturally Grown Australia' logo! It was developed exactly with this purpose in mind and to ultimately help everyone make a clearer, healthier choice about their food and it's origin.

#localproduce #urbangrowers #realfood #naturallygrown #backyardgrowers #welovelocal #ilovecertifiednaturallygrown

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