The Logos


The "I Love Certified Organic" & "I Love Certified Naturally Grown" logos are Trade Marks registered with the Federal Government and were created with a strong meaning and purpose

The logo is a clear representation of the emotive statement 'I Love Certified Organic / Certified Naturally Grown Australia' with the type underneath to boldy distinguish between the two. The 'i' and the heart shaped apple, affectionately declares 'I Love' and the outline of Australia not only encompasses the heart shaped apple, but also intertwines with it.


The 'heart' or 'apples' position in the center of the map represents not only the heart of Australia but also being at the core of what is Australian and the importance of protecting this. It further emphasises the core, heart and soul of Australia's precious agricultural system.



The bold Green outline style to the map also represents farming crop lines and the link between Australia's Certified Organic / Naturally Grown Farming.


The Letter 'O' in the words 'Organic' and 'Grown' have been replaced with a fruit to further point towards the emphasis of organic, natural and the importance of it's authenticity.


The overall logo was designed to be very clear and extremely easy to identify especially when scaled down to fit on smaller labels. It is tested and still provides a quick and easily recognisable symbol, which can even be universal across all nationalities.


The colours chosen are specifically a very natural green and brown adding to the overall organic feeling whilst still being modern, clear and very easy to recognise.