What Is Certified Organic?

Organic Certification is more than just a piece of paper or being granted persmission to put an organic logo on your product. Achieving and maintaining organic certification is ongoing and is a producers way of sending its customers a very powerful message: We care about your health & welfare, the welfare of our animals and the health and longevity of the Earth.


Organic is more than "pesticide free" Organic means an agricultural process that does not rely on synthetic pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers and works together with nature. Organic crops are grown under a system of food production that promotes soil health and sustainable agricultural methods. Organic products are processed to keep the highest nutritional value without using artificial preservatives, colours, waxes, additives, or irradiation. You can be guaranteed that products labeled "Certified Organic" have been grown and processed under strict codes and standards.

Certified Organic products are the ones that follow the National Standard for Organic and Biodynamic Produce. These includes being pesticides free, chemical fertilizers free, GMO free, radiation free, hormones free and chemicals free at any production stage. Organic products are environmentally friendly, better for animal welfare and healthier which explains their global growing trend. An ‘I Love Certified Organic’ logo gives the necessary standard and public recognition to your product.

According to the National Standard Organic: means the application of practices that emphasise the:

- use of renewable resources; and

- conservation of energy, soil and water; and

- recognition of livestock welfare needs; and

- environmental maintenance and enhancement, while producing optimum quantities of produce without the use of artificial fertiliser or synthetic chemicals. (national standard page 10)