Who Are Our Logos For?


Both of our logos are designed for producers that are GMO free and do not use any chemicals. We aim to empower these producers by using our logo to distinguish the quality of their products in a more competitive way.

The ‘I love Certified Organic Australia’ Logo is designed for Australian producers that follow the OISCC National Standard for Organic and Biodynamic Produce and meet all the Certification requirements. For example; these can be 2nd tier producers who source their unaltered product from suppliers that hold a current third party Organic Certification but would like to promote their products with our logo

The ‘I love Certified Naturally Grown’ is designed for small and local producers that can’t afford the organic certification requirements but still follow the National Standard for Organic and Biodynamic Produce.

The following are examples of the differnet types of industry categories who's producers should display our logo:

Primary Production (Agriculture and Livestock)


Bee Keeping

Cottage Industry




Grower group

Landless Production (mushroom and sprouts)

Non-Primary Production (Processed Products: Processed Food, Beauty, Beverages, Clothing and Pet Products)


Farmers Market

Restaurant and Cafes

Wholesale certification

Farmers certification

Processing Certification (Food manufacturing, abbatoirs, butcher, wine making, pet food, textiles, cosmetics, livestock feed manufacturing and contract processing)

Nursery production



Why Should I Display The Logo?


There are numerous new products that are coming into your market from overseas everyday which may come from a country where organic products have different standards or it's even just unclear whether they are regulated or not. This makes it extremely hard and confusing for the public to make an educated choice. Which is all the more reason to create awareness by displaying one universal logo such as the I Love Cerified Organic Australia OR I Love Certified Naturally Grown Australia Trade Mark on your product to point the public towards products which are clearly advertising that they've been Certified,  in Australia, guaranteeing the product has been investigated by a third party.



You are not only supporting your Countries precious agricultural system, but also protecting it and the environment in general.

Consumers demand Certified Organic / Certified Naturally Grown products to be clearly labelled to enable them to make a clearer choice


It's a real Time Saver! By displaying the Logo, consumers will appreciate the time you are saving them whilst making their shopping choices. We've collectively provided them with an easy guide for making timely shopping decisions.