Why Use The Logo

Founded and based in Australia, we began with the goal of creating awareness locally due to the growing concern amongst consumers, producers and distributors about health effects of pesticides of non organic products and how to visibly distinguish between Certified Organic and regular products. In Australia the word ‘organic’ is open for a lot of misuse in the domestic market, but heavily regulated by the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) when produce is exported.

Therefor we created a stiking logo, that is bold and provides an easily identifiable form of visual recognition that is a powerful advertising and marketing tool for all the true, Certified, Organic products out there; as well as offering it at a very affordable and accessible price point particularly for smaller producers to benefit from. Furthermore we believe in ultimately making Certified Organic products more affordable and accessible for the end consumer.

The "I Love Certified Organic Australia" logo aims to make it easier for the consumer to recognise the true organic products. Local producers should be empowered by having an accessible and also affordable certification to distinguish their product in the market. By supporting organic products, our goal is to create awareness about the benefits these sustainable products have to public health.

According to the USA Environmental Protection Agency, 60% of herbicides, 90% of fungicides and 30% of insecticides increase the risks of cancer.

Additionally these chemicals contaminate the soil and groundwater polluting the environment (source: www.princeton.edu) Organic products by not using these chemicals are healthier and more sustainable. Our logo aims to increase recognition of organic and naturally grown products that follow a certification.


Locally; when the word ‘organic’ is displayed on food labels it may mean the ingredients were grown on farms that employ organic methods — using holistic cultivation methods and no synthetic fertilisers, herbicides or pesticides. But it also may not eg. the products brand name may incorporate the word “organic” and use other buzz words and natural colours and imagery making it sound and look like it is organic but its product contents may be a mix of organic and non organic ingredients or in some cases no organic ingredients are present at all.


Thats why labels that say ‘certified’ are reliable. For both food and cosmetics, the ‘certified organic’ label guarantees the product has been investigated by a third party.


Helping Create awareness and education about Healthy Lifestyle through providing the 'I Love Certified Organic Australia' Logo for advertising & marketing purposes is the aim. Through awareness, comes knowledge and the ability to create better food systems and public health as well as creating a better environment for all to live in by the products we choose to buy is the key.



We offer two organic certifications:

I love Certified Organic Australia

I love Certified Naturally Grown Australia


The ‘I love certified organic’ requires all the testings and compliance according to the latest version of the National Standard for Organic and Biodynamic Produce.


The ‘I love Certified Naturally Grown’ logo uses the same organic standards. However it has a lower cost and different paperwork is required. This certification relies on a community based monitoring system called ‘ participatory guarantee system’  where farmers monitor each other.